I am a journalist from southern Italy (b.1989) who writes about identity, social movements, the environment and minority rights.

In 2015 I went for a two-week holiday to Amman but in an unexpected turn of events ended up living there for nearly two years. During my time in the Middle East I reported on business, culture and where the two intersect one another, while also managing the team's editorial efforts online at a pan-Arab news outlet. 

I have extensively covered people-centered stories to unpack innovation as a tool for gender inclusiveness and financial empowerment in the region, always looking at how individuals carve out their own realities in the face of adverse circumstances.

Besides Jordan, I have lived in China, the UK and Flanders (Belgium), with stints in India and Lesotho. Having graduated in Slavonic and communication studies, I am now eager to combine my fascination with visual journalism with a long-running interest in exploring today's most pressing issues and questioning structures of power that dictate global inequality.

I have long contributed to IWI (International Women's Initiative), a London-based nonprofit raising awareness on women's rights. 
I hold a masters in International Journalism from School of Oriental and African Studies, a postgraduate degree looking at how the global south is represented across contemporary media.

I am currently based in
 Gdansk working as a news translator for Reuters.

Email: caracciocamilla@gmail.com

Camilla Caraccio | Journalist

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